Xinhe straw knitting

2023/12/27 14:39:45

There are more than 100 enterprises engaged in straw weaving crafts in Xinhe Town, Qingdao Xinyida Crafts Co., Ltd. is one of them. The company was founded in August 2003, with strong technical strength and development of new products every year to develop more than 500 to 1000 new styles, the production of various styles of straw bale products, exported to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other parts of the world

Pingdu straw knitting innovation in inheritance, development in innovation, the tradition to play new tricks, for the old craft to find new vitality. One by one, the "straw braids" convey craftsmanship, simplicity and memory, gather strong vitality in people's fingertips, continue from generation to generation, inherit history and weave the future