Types of straw woven bags

2023/12/29 10:18:52

Water straw bag

With the form of multiple strands of water grass screwed together, its main characteristics are not afraid of water, delicate and flexible, better water absorption, easy to dry,

Water grass braid package is generally not colored, dark green primary color, lighter than the color of zongzi wrapper, very fine small strands braid, tight and strong, water resistance is great.

In the rainy summer season, it is very suitable

Wheat Straw woven bag

Straw braid has good gloss, most of them are treated with color, and the dyeing is also very good.

It is generally dyed into red, green, coffee and many other colors. It is very beautiful and easy to take care of compared to other straw bags

Rattan bag

Rattan bag in straw bag the highest price, better workmanship, good shape, very strong and durable oh!

Even if it is used for many years, it will not be deformed or damaged, which is enough to show that it is strong

Paper rope woven bag

Paper rope straw braid can see thin strip of grain, very delicate. Occasionally encounter rain wet, soon dry, there will be no trace ~

Very rich color, which is its biggest advantage, you can start

Corn husk woven bag

The raw material is corn husk, its natural color is white, the corn cob skin is tightly twisted together, and the soft leaves of the corn cob are twisted into ropes by hand and woven out.

Because the corn cob skin can be split at will, the rope that comes out also has thick and thin, and the natural color is woven and then sewed on some colorful patterns