Straw bags -------- summer fashion item

2024/04/02 16:03:05

In the summer, it is indispensable to weave elements, if you want to use a bag with summer words, the first choice must be straw bag, its original natural beauty gives a holiday relaxed

1. Like the larger Tote woven bag is not only suitable for vacation or leisure occasions, it is really no pressure to commute, simple style with a delicate small belt, adjustable portable belt, without any lining, original and natural

2. The shoulder bag is decorated with patterns woven with paper grass, and the handmade items become lovely and vivid, which is the standard for summer travel

3. Paper rope straw basket with a portable belt, simple and fashionable, regardless of coarse weaving or fine weaving are very delicate, the load-bearing force of this fiber is quite strong, not easy to break, because it is made by rubbing, so it looks like a relatively thin "small hemp rope", the details are also round and very cute

4. Simple beach bag is more popular, clean bag with simple decoration, lazy holiday wind, giving people a comfortable feeling

The light straw elements come with sunshine properties, creating a pleasant and comfortable holiday atmosphere, bringing a cool and free for the hot summer.